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The distance between dreams & reality is called  "ACTION!"....


2B Lightning Fit was created by the Directors to help Clients achieve their personal goals and fulfil their dreams.

We will not only help you achieve your ambitions & dreams, we'll do it with your health in mind (this will always be our top priority). We care about each and every Client & want the very best for you both physically & mentally. We are very passionate about what we do and we thrive on results.

Whatever your goals and ambitions are -  we can help you.  Everyone has a different goal in mind, most will require a different journey to help achieve results.  We don't believe that 1 programme suits all so each and every one of our Clients will be mentored on a 1-1 basis.  You will be given tailored diet sheets and personally tailored training programs to suit your individual schedule & needs.  

Our Clients have the Option to be coached with face to face check-ins, via zoom call or via email/whattsapp.

There are a variety of packages to chose from and there is something for everyone.  

If your wish is to just to 'Look & Feel Good' and improve your overall appearance - we will help you achieve just that.  

We fully understand and appreciate how important it is for individuals to feel good about themselves throughout the different walks of life & have the confidence to stand tall & be proud of who you are.  We also believe that good posture, flexibility, mobility and muscle tone is the key to longevity and also helps to reduce aches, pains & prevents restricted movement and possible injury.

If your desire is to compete in a Bodybuilding Show - Our Directors have been there, seen it & done it numerous times!.  We know what it takes both physically & mentally to get you there.  We'll get you to the Show in your best possible shape & condition.


The Team have known each other and been working in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years and between us we have over 100yrs of experience in Fitness & Bodybuilding.  Throughout those years we have all stepped on stage, successfully competed in numerous Bodybuilding Federations & hold many British & International Titles.


We look forward to helping you achieve your goals (whatever challenge you have set yourself) and having you part of Our Team.

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