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2B Lightning Fit Ltd Training Program

- Want to train but lack knowledge

- Not sure what exercises to do?

- Unsure how many sets & reps to perform?

- Tired of your current workout?

- Need a new training program to help you achieve optimum results faster?


We design personalised Training Programs to suit your lifestyle/schedule that will help you achieve the results you're after. 

Your program will be tailored just for you, built to suit how many days a week you want to train, the type of equipment you have access to (whether you train at home or a commercial gym) and how long you wish to spend on each session. Exercises will be chosen to target the areas of the body that you'd like to focus and improve on.  

* We recommend that you send us photographs of yourself (via Email) showing front, back and side shots to help us to create the best program for you. 

Note - 1-1 PT sessions are NOT included in Package Plans.  Adding a personalised Diet Sheet to this service will enhance your gains and speed up the results (diet sheet not included).

Price: £49.99

PT Session



2B Lightning Fit Diet Sheet

-  Have you been training regularly but not

   achieving your desired results?  

-  Want to ensure that you're eating the correct

   amount of nutritional food, containing a

   combination of foods that your body needs to

   function correctly?

-  Want to lose weight/body fat?

-  Lacking energy & focus?

-  Finding it hard to maintain size or weight?.

-  Want to gain quality muscle without putting on

   too much unwanted fat? 

We will build you a bespoke diet sheet to help you achieve your personal goals.

Each diet sheet will be tailored to the individual, to help you achieve maximum benefits & results.


Note - A personalised bespoke training program added onto this service will benefit your results and gains will be made faster (not included).

Price: £49.99



2B Lightning Fit Ltd 1-1 Training Session

You will receive a 1hr training session under full guidance & tuition from one of the Directors, to help maximise your gains from a workout.

(Please stipulate on your Enquiry Form your preferred Instructor).

Each exercise will be demonstrated correctly & broken down to help you understand the movement ie; which muscles you are working, demonstrating correct technique & we will also discuss how you should not perform the exercise (to prevent injury).  You will be under supervision throughout the session & we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have throughout your session. 

You do not need to have any previous experience or hold a gym membership.  

(I's never too late to start, you just have to start - the hardest part is taking the 1st step).

If you've been training for sometime, its very easy for an athlete to get into bad habits and slip into incorrect form (which will hinder your gains and could possibly cause injury) so we'll tweak your training program to help you achieve maximum gains & analyse your form throughout each exercise, correcting technique & eliminating any bad habits that you may have taken on board.

Summer Special: 1 Single Session £30

Diet Sheet


2B Lightning Fit Ltd, Training Technique Feedback & Correction

Technique is the the most important factor of your training session.  It makes a huge difference to the results achieved.

If you are unaware of the correct technique to perform on your exercises or have slipped into some bad habits - we are here to help you.

You need to get the best results possible out of all your workouts.

Key benefits to correct technique;

  • Prevents injury or damage to muscles, joints, ligaments & tendons, which could result in tears & strains.

  • Enables you to get maximum gains from your training session.

  • Isolates muscle groups & enables you to work the muscle intended (not bringing in unnecessary secondary muscles to help perform the exercise).

  • Ensures you perform the full range of movement to help achieve maximum results.

  • Biomechanically efficient.


* Send us a video of your workout, we will assess your teqhnique, give feedback & correct where necessary.

Price: £50

Technique Feedback


2B Lightning Fit Ltd,  STAGE ROUTINE Choreography

Whether you're competing on stage for the very first time, haven't competed for a few years or simply don't have the confidence to choreograph your stage routine - don't worry - we can help.

Performing a routine on stage in-front of the judges & an audience can be quite daunting for some. Your individual routine to music is the best part of the show where you can really go to town, express yourself and showcase all your hard work, exhibiting you're favourite poses (which probably aren't mandatory poses).

The individual routine should be the part that you look forward to performing and most of all - enjoy doing.

You need to perform your routine with buckets of confidence and presence.

Once your posing music has been chosen, we will work with you to build a personalised posing routine to showcase the areas of your physique that you excel in, showing your favourite moves, & highlighting your condition.  

We will help you build the confidence to perform your routine to music on stage infront of the judges and audience with style and finesse. 

(Please stipulate on the Enquiry Form your preferred Instructor)

Price: £75



2B Lightning Fit Ltd, Posing Tuition Lessons

Entering a Bodybuilding Competition?

You will need to polish up on your posing technique to bring out your best assets on stage.

Confidence & presence is the key to perform on any stage so Competitors need to allow adequate time for posing practise prior to show day.  Posing should display the athletes best qualities & will need to be tweaked for each individual.

We will help you to perfect your 1/4 turns, mandatory poses and work on fluent transitions so that you can present yourself in-front of the judges with confidence and presence.  

(Please stipulate on the Enquiry Form your preferred choice of Instructor).

Posing can also be performed and executed by athletes that have no desire to compete.

There are a huge list of benefits to posing;

  • Prevents cramping on show day

  • Conditions your body 

  • Pumps your muscles

  • Improves mind - muscle connection

  • Improves posture & presence

  • Improves confidence

  • Highlights areas you need to improve

  • Works on your transitions


Price: £75

Posing Tuition
Stage Routine
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2B Lightning Fit Ltd, Lightning Autograph
Lightning Autograph

Receive a personally signed photograph by Kim Betts 'Lightning' from hit TV Show Gladiators.

price: £25

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