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  • Do I need to have a Gym Membership?
    Not at all, we build home workout programs and commercial gym training programs as part of the Packages. If you are uncertain of any exercises that we have included in your plan, we will forward a tutorial video demonstrating how to perform the exercise with correct form.
  • How do I sign up?
    Choose the Package Plan that is most suitable for yourself. Purchase the Package. Complete the Client Intake Form, send in 4 photos. Our Team will then get to work on building your personalised Training & Nutrition Plans - you should receive your Plans within 48hrs.
  • How do I choose the right Package Category?
    We offer 3 categories; Couples - best priced package for couples wanting to achieve their gains together. Personalised plans will be built for each individual. The New You - this is the best option for those wishing to lose weight/fat, increase muscle, gain weight, tone up, increase fitness, transform their physique, get started, take it to the next level, improve well being. Competition - for those wanting to prep for a Bodybuilding competition and step on stage in their best possible shape & condition.
  • Should I opt for Bronze, Silver or Gold Package?
    Package options are built to suit individuals. If you lack motivation, drive and struggle to stay on track - we recommend the Silver or Gold as these packages offer weekly video check-ins (more personal), 24hr WhatsApp chats and additional support where necessary. If you would be happy with monthly check-ins instead of weekly and don't mind communicating via email instead of WhatsApp chat and video call then Bronze will be a suitable option. Silver is by far the most popular option.
  • What photos do I need to send in?
    We require 4 photos in order to help us build your Plans with maximum benefits. Photos are to be taken standing upright with your arms to your side, facing to the front, back and both sides.
  • When can I start?
    The best time to start your journey is when you are feeling 110% ready. (Positive mental attitude has a huge effect on how your body responds). When you are ready to make changes in your lifestyle, health and appearance - don't put off tomorrow what can be done today - tomorrow never comes!. Taking the first step can be your hardest challenge but once you've made the decision to chase your goals - the sooner you will benefit from the results. * Purchase a Package Plan & complete the Client Intake Form our Team will then get to work on building your personalised Training and Nutritional Diet Plans. You should receive your Plans within 48hrs. We look forward to working with you & helping you achieve your goals!
  • When can I cancel my subscription?
    You are not tied in to the subscription, you are able to cancel at any point.
  • What do I wear in the photos I need to send in?
    You can wear shorts & vest/crop top, beachwear or dark underwear.
  • What are my photos used for?
    The 2B Lightning Fit Team will build your plans based on your information given, taking into account your present physical appearance and your end goals. Your check-in photos will be used to monitor your progress and for comparison purpose only. Clients information will NOT be shared with any 3rd Party.
  • What if my plans don't suit me?
    You will chat to our Team on your check-ins to discuss how you are getting on with your personalised plans, amendments and alterations to your lans can be made wherever necessary. Your progress will be monitored closely by the Team.
  • Ive never been to a Gym before?
    No problem at all, we offer home workouts and commercial gym training programs. If you are uncertain of any exercises we will forward a video of the exercises showing how it is to be performed with correct form.
  • How will I know what to eat?
    We will give full advice on your Nutritional Diet Plan, stating the amount of macros (proteins/carbs/fat) you will need to be eating each day. We will advise on which foods you can eat and if necessary we will stipulate set meals for the day if that is your preference,
  • What's involved in a Check-in?
    Our Team will regularly monitor & discuss your progress. Check-ins are a great way for you to interact with us in a more personal manner. You have the opportunity to chat to all Members of the Team to discuss how your week's been, ask any questions, express how you've coped both physically & mentally and then we'll go through any alterations that need to be made to your plans. Prior to your check-in, you'll send us your weekly morning (fasted) photographs & bodyweight. The Team uses this information to compare your physical appearance, weight and overall package to previous weeks. Our findings will be discussed in your check-in. Your check-ins will dictate whether your Training & Nutritional Diet plans will stay the same or if they'll be adapted/changed. * Bronze Package check-ins are done via email only, monthly. * Silver Packages - check-ins via WhatsApp video call or Email, weekly. * Gold Packages - check-ins via video call (zoom/whatsapp/FaceTime) or Face to face in Rugeley.
  • I'm going on Holiday, what do I do?
    Don't worry, the Team will advise and guide you as you approach the date. Holidays are to be enjoyed. You can also contact us at any point throughout your holiday if you have any questions.
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